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We make it easier for visitors to locate products and services they need. We guarantee an accurate navigation through even the most sprawling of places.

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Innovative Features that help your business grow

Thanks to these sophisticated capabilities, our program is the most complete solution on the market that helps customers navigate vast business chains and locate the items they want.

AI-powered Assistant

AI-powered assistant, adept at comprehending customer inquiries, delivers tailored and detailed responses to meet their specific needs.

Advanced Smart Technology

Our system uses text-to-speech and speech-to-text technologies to assist customers without needing hand interaction.

Easy Integration & Setup

Our technology is easy to integrate with your existing systems. You may start utilizing it right away.

Real-time Analytics

Our solution allows you to track your customers' shopping habits in realtime, and provides you with data on consumer behavior.

Innovative User Experience

Our system uses the latest indoor navigation technologies to help customers find their way around the store on their phones.

Data visualization

Our system gives you the ability to visualize your data in a way that is easy to understand and use to improve your business.

Use advanced speech recoginition technology to assist your customers

An advanced speech recognition application provides users with increased accessibility, efficiency, and convenience, making it a valuable tool for a wide range of customers.

  • Speech recognition technology can be faster and more efficient
  • This technology can help both customers and employees save time
  • Customers who may not be fluent in the local language can use speech recognition technology to navigate the store

Help customers find what they need around the space

An advanced indoor mapping system provides a range of benefits for both users and businesses, from improved navigation and wayfinding to personalized experiences. It can also help improve accessibility and safety.

  • It will help users save time and reduce frustration by avoiding unnecessary wandering
  • A mapping indoor system can be used to create personalized experiences for users based on their location within a building
  • Customers can get more details about products through a mapping indoor app. Customers can use this to make wise purchase selections

Collect data and insights that helps you make improvements

The combination of the mapping system and the advanced speech recognition technology will create a large amount of valuable data that could help different users improve their businesses.

  • A mapping indoor system can provide businesses with valuable insights into how people move through their indoor spaces
  • Businesses can gain useful insights about the most popular products through the use of advanced speech recognition technology.
  • This data can be used to optimize layout and improve customer experiences

We will provide valuable solutions across all sectors

Certain sectors will find wheriz useful for enhancing and improving the client experience. Also, it will aid other industries in gathering and using data more effectively.

Malls and supermarkets

Bring your venue to life and improve the attendance experience by providing a unique experience that allows customers to navigate and locate products easier. On the other hand, with location-based, tailored offers, you can raise sales even more. As a result, you may offer fantastic upsell possibilities to your customers at the crucial stage of their purchasing decision.


Digital maps and wayfinding enable you to fully utilize the potential of your non-aeronautical business sources. Also, it enhances the traveler experience because it will be much simpler for travelers to find their gates and other airport amenities without having to worry. Using indoor mapping and wayfinding will help you travel more leisurely and less stressed.


Digital solutions are needed in the hotel sector to optimize and streamline the guest experience, which has been known for a long time. Using indoor mapping and advanced speech recognition technology, hotels will be able to provide customers with a fresh and improved experience while also creating new revenue streams.

Stadiums and events

Fans have a completely immersive stadium experience from Wheriz that starts the moment they leave their home.Fans can easily identify and navigate the stadium and its amenities thanks to our combined technology and wayfinding capabilities.

The journey to success

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." Lao Tzu

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